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Sleep: it does everyBODY good

I am fascinated with sleep and the way it affects so many facets of our life. Particularly as a mom of a 10 and 2 year old, I am always curious to know how sleep affects our children’s developing brains. One of my firm rules as parent with myself, husband and children is: everyone must get enough sleep.

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Pee: Pregnancy, Postpartum and Ever After

There’s something that happens either during pregnancy or after delivery to a lot of women: your bladder doesn’t work like it used to. You leak urine when you sneeze, laugh, engage in physical activity or a million other things. It’s officially called urinary incontinence. It really should be referred to as this is awful. Whatever you want to call it just know you don’t have to live with it.

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Is a maternity baselayer for you?

A baselayer is the first layer of clothing you wear against your skin. A well designed baselayer will pull sweat from your skin keeping you drier. During pregnancy as your blood volume increases and your metabolic rate rises it can be very normal to feel warm and to sweat more.  The fabric in a baselayer is designed to be breathable, allowing for a better regulation of your body temperature.

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