Camping with Kids

Camping with Kids

It’s time for some camping! 

Summer is here and that means it’s camping season! Last month we took a family camping trip to the White Mountains of New Hampshire. Above is a picture we captured while there.

It’s never too soon to take your kids camping. We took our oldest daughter at 9 months old. We always find that the kids are captivated by the free feeling of being immersed in nature and they always find the most creative things to do with sticks and leaves and whatever else might be there. I also like to pack bubbles, frisbees and other easy and fun items.

Our family requires a lot of food when we are camping and that is always a big part of a successful trip; more snacks! We also usually include a fairly easy hike and some water activities, even if it just includes dipping our toes in. When picking a campsite, we often ask for recommendations from friends or do a thorough look online to be sure the campsite has what we need (we really like some sort of available shower) and activities close by suit what we like to do.

When I pack for camping, I always want to bring things that don’t get dirty easily, can be worn multiple times (so keeping their shape is a must- bye bye cotton) and wick sweat! Our T-Shirt and Tunic are perfect camping companions. They help keep your temperature in check with sweat wicking, they can be worn multiple times and just washed in the dish sink if needed and hung to dry. And if your toddler pukes on them, easily wiped off. The benefits are endless.

So check out our T-shirt and Tunic and tag us @arcticlynxmaternity when you take them camping!



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