What Exercises Can I Do While Pregnant

What Exercises Can I Do While Pregnant

Wondering what are the best exercises now that you are pregnant? 

Most medical professionals (*I am not one of them*) will tell you that it is generally ok to continue to exercise as you were prior to pregnancy. However, if you’re not an avid exerciser but want to get started now that you’re pregnant or just want to try some different activities, here are some of our favorites:

*Be sure to talk with your trusted medical professional as well*

  • Hiking: Personally, I love to hike; the smell of the trees, the quiet, the views, all of it! Hiking can be a great way to get your heart rate up and if you already have littles ones, it can be an energy burn for them too. This is definitely an activity where stable shoes are important. 
  • Walking: Walking is a great way to get exercise and can be done pretty much anywhere. In addition, walking outside gives you the added benefit of fresh air and hopefully sunshine, two things that are great for your physical and mental health. 
  • Prenatal Yoga: Check out a local yoga studio near you and they likely offer prenatal yoga. Yoga has so many great benefits for your body and mind. The stretching and strengthening of your muscles in yoga may very well come in handy during labor, as well as yoga’s focus on listening to your body and being present. 
  • Prenatal Pilates: There are pilates classes now that modify moves for pregnancy. Pilates can be a low impact way to build strength. 
  • Snowshoeing: If you are pregnant during the winter months, this is such an amazing activity to engage in. Like walking or hiking, snowshoeing can be an aerobic exercise that provides many great benefits. Being outside in the winter months may help ward off seasonal depression and snowshoeing will get your large muscles and heart working and you can tailor your speed and effort to how your body is feeling that day. 
  • Swimming: Swimming during pregnancy can be a great choice. The water helps to support your weight and it is a challenging aerobic workout.
  • Cycling: If you are comfortable cycling, this can be a solid exercise and way to move your body during pregnancy. As your belly grows and your balance shifts, cycling may become more difficult, but listen to your body and do what feels right for you.

-XO, Michelle

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