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Mama’s Mental Health During a Pandemic

Moms are suffering during this pandemic and it’s well documented. Just Google “Moms during pandemic” and several articles come up, like this one from Today. And it’s pretty easy to understand why, so what can we do to help? Hopefully at this point, Mamas have family or friends that are part of their “quaranteam”. I saw a quote the other day, it takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to raise a mom.

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Mama Stories: Journal #3

My sons want what they want. They have an opinion about what they want to wear and definitely do not, how many carrot sticks they want on that plate. No, actually THAT plate, you know, the dirtiest one at the bottom of the tower of dishes in the sink. My oldest is the kid who needs to be heard and will never, ever run out of things to say.

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Competing While Pregnant?

Have a big race or event planned during your pregnancy? Or maybe you’ve had a race on the books and just found out you're pregnant? Lately there have been so many women competing while pregnant AND with a pandemic making most events virtual(which provides for modifications where you need them), it may be the perfect time to solidify those “competing while pregnant” plans.

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Mama Stories: Journal #2

Breastfeeding?!? I was so unprepared for how hard breastfeeding was. My daughter and I weren’t a perfect match as I was expecting. Breastfeeding wasn’t easy for us. After I gave birth, my daughter had a brief stay in NICU, which meant she had a few bottles before we had a chance to breastfeed together. As I sat in NICU with a lactation consultant learning to breastfeed I felt so overwhelmed and started crying. The lactation consultant was very forcefully instructing me on how to get her to latch and it wasn’t working. My baby was screaming and I was crying.  We struggled for quite a bit that afternoon in NICU. Ultimately my daughter was an aggressive latcher and she was...

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Staying Active While Pregnant During COVID-19

It’s hard to imagine as I write this that so many places we all used to rely on for outside time are closed or access is limited. In our small community, the beaches are closed, and it’s hard to imagine not being able to stare at the ocean whenever I have the need. Never have I understood, valued and wanted freedom so much.

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