Spring and Baselayers? OH YES!

Keep Wearing Those Baselayers This Spring!

As the weather turns warmer, have you found yourself wondering, should I still wear my baselayers this Spring? YES is the answer!

Baselayers are a good base in all weather because of their sweat wicking capabilities. As a baselayer pulls sweat from your skin, it helps to regulate your temperature.

In warmer temperatures, a baselayer’s ability to pull the sweat from your skin will help reduce blisters and chafing.

Whether you are on a big adventure or just Mommin' a baselayer will help keep you dry and your temperature regulated throughout the day.

We love to wear our T-Shirt in the Spring and early Summer months, and we find the Tunic is great all through the Summer. We’ve even had a customer who wore the Tunic as a swim coverup! (Hey, it dries quick and when you’re with kiddos, that is never a bad thing)

Happy Spring Mamas

~ Michelle

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