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Mama Stories: Journal #1

I was 38 weeks when Saturday, October 19th rolled around. This day consisted of a beautiful sunny day walking with my husband Alex and our dog Bert on Higgins beach, as well as turbo-nesting...I’m talking moving and vacuuming my entire home’s rugs, scrubbing microwaves, organizing spice drawers, cleaning windows, and Murphy's Oil Soap mopping my entire house N-E-S-T-I-N-G. 9pm rolled around and it was time for my daily DQ joke, the last 2 weeks I think I had a blizzard every evening! My OB told me I was probably going to go a little early (due date was 10/28) since I was already measuring around 6cm my last appointment before the baby arrived! When we got home from the...

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Ok Mamas, have you tried snowshoeing? I LOVE snowshoeing! If you haven’t tried it, grab yourself a pair and get out there! Especially if you enjoy hiking, snowshoeing is a great way to hike right through the winter weather. 

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Good Day Maine: Featuring Arctic Lynx!

Last week, we were fortunate enough to be featured on Good Day Maine! We talked with the anchors, Katie and Jeff, about our maternity baselayers and the reason behind the brand.  Thanks to WGME and all the viewers for hosting us!

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How to Stay Warm During Winter Exercise (Hint: Think Layers!)

Baselayers are a great way to stay warm during winter exercise. Built to wick sweat and help regulate temperatures, baselayers are the perfect next to skin layer. Wondering if a maternity baselayer is a good choice for you? The answer is YES.  A well designed baselayer will pull sweat from your skin keeping you drier. During pregnancy as your blood volume increases and your metabolic rate rises it can be very normal to feel warm and to sweat more.

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