May Themes and Reflections

May Themes and Reflections

It officially feels like spring and we’ve dedicated this month to tending to our garden beds and getting ready for flowers to pop through. I always love the first sightings of bees, butterflies and baby ducks!

Here in Maine, we do our best to participate in “No Mow May,” an initiative to allow the dandelions to grow as they are the bees’ and butterflies' first food after winter. I came across this initiative through Bee City USA and this year, we successfully refrained from mowing so far.

We connected with our community to share what their Spring gardens were looking like and we were delighted to see what they’ve been up to. (We’ve included a few here) As we welcome the newness of Spring, it presents an opportunity to shed practices in our lives that no longer serve us and welcome fresh starts.

Besides digging in the dirt, we’ve embraced spring's leisurely pace. Despite a lukewarm response to our recent Mother’s Day small gift giveaway, we are now in the process of thinking of new ways to engage with our community and customers and enhance our offerings. Your feedback is invaluable to use; please share any requests or suggestions in the comments section if you’d like to see something specific from us.

Well wishes from us as we spring into this new season!

The Arctic Lynx Team

(Cape Elizabeth, Maine)

(Cape Cod, MA)


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