Wondering Which Arctic Lynx Product Is Right For You?

Wondering Which Arctic Lynx Product Is Right For You?

Well, let’s break it down by what type of activities you like to do. In our totally *unbiased* opinion we think our products are so versatile they can be used for many different activities, but we’ve *very objectively* broken down our core products based on feedback from our customers and team members.

Maternity Activewear Midweight Top- This long sleeve top is a customer favorite and ours too! Made to function as a baselayer in colder temperatures, it can be worn alone (and look good) in warmer temps. Based on your activity and adventures, this top generally isn’t necessary in warmer temperatures- above 50-60 degrees. However, it really shines for those chilly mornings, chilly evenings or generally cooler environments.  It is an all around great maternity top. 

Our team of experts and customers love this top for: Runs, hiking, camping, skiing, snowshoeing and running errands on a busy Saturday morning. Our founder, Michelle, was known to wear this top out to dinner with jeans and heels during pregnancy and postpartum.

Maternity Activewear Midweight T-shirt- This short sleeve top is a perfect companion for any adventures in warmer weather- roughly temperatures 50 degrees and above. It can also be worn as a baselayer in cooler temps (think under a sweatshirt or fleece layer). The T-shirt boasts the most perfect sleeve length, meaning the sleeves won’t ride up into your armpits, but they are still above the elbow.

Our team of moms loves this top for: Running, hiking, paddling, camping, fishing and yoga.

Maternity Activewear Lightweight Tunic- A lighter fabric than our other tops, this tunic is a great companion for Spring and Summer. Designed with a hidden zipper it transitions seamlessly from pregnancy to postpartum. If you’re feeling chilly, throw a vest over top of the tunic for another look. 

We’ve spotted customers wearing this top for: dog walks, farmers market runs, camping, hiking, cycling and weekend lounge sessions.

Postpartum Leggings- Designed to give you a light “hugged” feeling without being restrictive, these leggings can be worn for any adventure that motherhood brings you. Offered in two colors, black and ensign blue, you can pair these leggings with most any top. The legging is high waisted with a nice wide band at the top. 

Our team of expert moms love these leggings for: Saturday morning soccer practice, airplane travel, hiking, running, walking and yoga.

Maternity Activewear Midweight Leggings- A longtime customer favorite, you can do anything in these leggings! Designed to act as a baselayer for under snow pants, jeans, rain gear, or anything else, you can also wear these leggings solo. Super comfortable and designed to be wearable for your entire pregnancy (and additional pregnancies if you choose).

Customers love these leggings for: Fishing, hiking, yoga, rock climbing, cycling, skiing, lounging in the lodge and heading out to dinner with a pair of heels.


We hope this product breakdown has been helpful! We didn’t include all the great products we have listed under our “Extras” tab on our site.

Reach out to us via email info@arcticlynxmaternity or via DM on Instagram(@arcticlynxmaternity) if you still have questions and we’ll be happy to help.

Happy Adventuring!

  • The Arctic Lynx Team

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