Hiking with a Baby: 3 Tips for Adventure Mommas

Hiking with a Baby: 3 Tips for Adventure Mommas

Please note, this is a guest blog written by Devan @unstuckadventures

Your body has carried this sweet bundle on the inside for 9 months, you've triumphed through the whirlwind of birth, and now look forward to swapping these sweet postpartum nursery moments for fresh air on the trails. But where to begin when hiking with a baby?

It used to be easy to just get out and go, but now there's a precious little one in tow that makes things just a little more complicated. Not to mention the plethora of information online that suggests you need all. the. things. to ensure a successful adventure.

I'm here to encourage you that it's more simple than you may think...

1. Be Patient

First off, it's likely your first hike with babe won't be very long. You are both new to this adventuring together thing and it takes time and repetition to get comfortable as trail companions. Think of this as a first step in training for a marathon: epic summits are probably not in the cards for your first few outings;) Hiking with a baby is a chance for you and your little one to experience the wonder of nature together, to allow the healing that comes from fresh air, and to strengthen your deep bond.

2. Location, location, location

Selecting the right trail for hiking with a baby is essential. Opt for locations that will be kind to your postpartum body, give you a sense of adventure, and help you feel safe. Adventuring with a baby will always bring twists and turns, so be sure it is a spot you'll be able to adjust plans as baby and momma need. Just remember that you'll want the journey to be enjoyable enough that you'll want to go again!

3. Pack Only the Essentials

Bring what's comfortable and necessary. This may go against popular opinion, but if you only plan to go as far as one diaper change, you don't need to bring everything in your "front country" nappy bag; leave that in the car. If you're hiking with a very young newborn, your body may not even be ready to carry a whole lot of excess in addition to your baby.

For the first couple hikes I took with my newborn, I brought some water, snacks, and minor essentials that fit in my small fanny pack. It's all we needed and I was grateful to not haul extra weight. I even opted for my super lightweight baby carrier which fit us both well in that stage — don't feel pressured to use all the fancy hiking baby gear that people show off online.

You Can Do It!

The thought of hiking with your new baby might feel like a daunting leap, but I want you to know that it's not about conquering the most rugged trails or summiting high peaks. Getting outside with your family is so much more than physical accomplishment — it's an epic achievement in and of itself! When your goals shift toward creating lasting memories, your heart will open to wonder and gratitude. Who better to spend it with than your treasured little one?

For more than half her life, Devan has been teaching, guiding and coaching as an outdoor professional. In both ministry and conventional settings, her participants have ranged from 2 to 92. She's passionate about getting everyone outside to enjoy nature, no matter their background. Whether you're a seasoned outdoor enthusiast or a newbie to the trails, she created Unstuck Adventures to share her wisdom gained as an outdoor guide. Wrapped in the warm conversation of a friend eager to help you get started, Devan is ready to empower you in taking that first step toward that adventure you've always wanted to try. 

A native to the PNW, Devan and her family now reside in Utah along the Wasatch Back. They enjoy hiking, biking, skiing, paddling and all things adventure together.

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