Walking During Pregnancy

Walking During Pregnancy

There are many benefits to walking during pregnancy! Sometimes walking gets overlooked as not adventurous enough or too slow but, depending on the day, your pregnancy, how you slept the night before, walking is a great activity to add to your repertoire during pregnancy.

Walking is a low impact activity that can be done almost anywhere. Also, walking is likely something that you can do throughout your entire pregnancy. Depending on your energy level, you can walk at a slower pace or a brisker pace. Some of the benefits you may realize from walking are:

  • Maintaining your desired weight gain throughout pregnancy
  • Keeping your body moving which aids in combating constipation
  • If walking outside you get all those benefits of time outside like; relaxation, stress reduction, mood enhancement
  • Gets your blood pumping which is good for your cardiovascular system and will give you a boost of energy
  • May help you sleep better
  • May help relieve stress

In general, staying active during pregnancy can help with easing general aches and pains as well as potentially making your labor easier. So whatever your favorite activity is, don’t forget that walking is valuable too! Do you have a favorite walk to take during pregnancy?

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