Top Tips for Hiking While Pregnant

By the time I was pregnant with my second child, I was an avid hiker. Our family often went on hikes together and so even while pregnant, I knew hiking would be a big part of my pregnancy. In Maine there are so many beautiful places to hike, and close to our home, that it also became the most convenient way to move my body as it changed and grew.

Also, I found hiking to be a great exercise while pregnant because it was easy to modify the difficulty level. Changing my pace, or picking a groomed trail were two ways I could decrease the difficulty level. I did a lot of hiking in the snow, as my second daughter was born in February, and that became the catalyst behind the Arctic Lynx brand! I wanted technical maternity activewear that would work well, look good AND keep me warm.

Here are some of my favorite tips for hiking while pregnant:

  1. Stay Hydrated with Water: This can be hard to do as the weather cools and you don’t feel as hot, but keep that water close by and it will really be the key to a joyful hike!
  2. Pick your route based on how your feeling that day: Sometimes it’s easy to be set on doing a certain route, but check in with your body and alternate your trails as needed based on how you’re feeling.
  3. Be mindful of weight you carry on your back: As your belly grows larger you may want to lessen the weight you carry in your backpack. Still bring your essentials of course, but I found keeping a lighter pack made the whole hike a little easier for me to complete.
  4. Be prepared to pee in the woods: You likely won’t make it through a whole hike without hearing your bladder scream, so just be prepared to pee in the woods.
  5. Hike with a partner who is paying attention to you: It’s best to have someone with you while your hiking so you can check in and make sure you are feeling good. Also, you know your body and hiking ability best, but don’t be afraid to ask a friend to come along if that makes you feel more confident.
  6. Check with your trusted medical provider for any concerns/issues that may be unique to your pregnancy: Make sure to let your medical provider know what activities your up to, so that they can help you gauge your activities. 
  7. Trekking poles can be key: Snow or rocky terrain can make hiking while pregnant a little more challenging because your center of gravity changes and those relaxed joints. I know I was much more prone to falling when pregnant, particularly my ankles would roll. So using trekking poles can be really helpful.
  8. Wear quality maternity activewear: Staying comfortable in your clothes is so key when your pregnant. Quality maternity activewear that wicks sweat will help to regulate your temperature and keep you dry and comfy.
  9. Stable shoes: Definitely make sure you have some stable footwear to support you as you hike. 

Happy Hiking Mama!

  • Michelle

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