The Story of Arctic Lynx

The Story of Arctic Lynx

Arctic Lynx was created as a solution to my own pregnancy needs. I wanted something to keep me warm while I continued hiking, playing in the snow, skating, skiing and anything else outside. When I looked for something to buy I couldn’t find anything.  I knew there had to be other women out there, just like me, who were pregnant and freezing while they were outside or wearing their partners oversized stuff and feeling like a marshmallow.

Without any knowledge about the apparel industry, I set out to make a baselayer that women could wear that would be functional, durable and extremely attractive looking. I didn’t want frumpy clothes that wore out after a few washings or didn’t work well. My strategy with clothes is to buy less stuff but higher quality and that didn’t change when I was pregnant. I knew I needed a few high quality staples.

I designed our top and bottom baselayer with one use in mind, to keep women warm when they were outside. But what we have stumbled into is that the top and bottom are multifunctional. I mean, I knew it might be possible based on initial test feedback, but I had no idea how multifunctional they would be. Moms are amazing. And the things that moms do when they are pregnant is amazing.

Mamas have been wearing our baselayers solo without anything over top. They have also been wearing them to hike, rock climb, bike, yoga and to run errands. 

Going forward, a principal of my product development is going to be: Is the product multifunctional? Because when we have high quality products that function as more than one thing, we can buy less. I don’t need 3 pairs of leggings, I need 1 pair of leggings that will last and oh yea, they’re black, perfect, no one will even know I only own one pair :-)



*This photo was taken by Zack Bowen, it was our first ever photo shoot and I still love this image!

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