Staying Active During a Winter Pregnancy: Yes, you can do it!

Since we are in the baselayer business here at Arctic Lynx, we love this topic. Staying active during a winter pregnancy is what helped build this brand. Below are some of our best tips for keeping your body moving all winter long.

  • Dress in layers: (And we aren’t just saying this because we make maternity baselayers) If you’re going to be active outside, then dressing in layers will make your activity enjoyable. We would suggest starting with a baselayer that wicks sweat, is breathable and made of high quality material that will fit well and move with your body.
  • Get outside as much as you can: What kept me going through both of my winter pregnancies was getting outside any chance I could. Here in Maine, that means anytime the sun is out and temperatures are above 15 degrees. Even just a short 5-10 minute walk will get your heart rate up and give you some of those feel good vibes.
  • Have an indoor routine: Inevitably there are winter days that you just can’t get outside to enjoy, it’s way too windy or sometimes just way too cold! So have something indoor that you can do to keep your body active. Yoga is a great option. I also love cycling or indoor swimming. 
  • Love what you’re doing: There are so many great activities so don’t suffer through. Pick an activity you love and that will motivate you to keep doing it. Some of my favorites are: walking, snowshoeing, hiking, skiing, and just playing in the snow with my kiddos!

  • Stay warm this winter Mama!


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