March Themes and Reflections

March Themes and Reflections


Women Founded, Women Run

Throughout March and since starting Arctic Lynx, our focus has been on championing women every day. On International Women’s Day, we celebrated the resilience, grace, and creativity of all women. We’ve been privileged to collaborate with women on our own journey of establishing and managing Arctic Lynx and within our community.

We find motivation in the women who wear our apparel and consistently support us year after year.

International Women’s Day serves as a reminder of the continuous quest for a world where every woman can lead the life she wants and deserves. Here’s to the remarkable women in our lives and around the world - let’s honor each other by choosing kindness and embracing diversity.

Some of the incredible women we have the privilege of knowing and working with:

Devan - Founder of Unstuck Adventures

Devan is an #arcticlynxmama and mother of 2

Ellen - Founder of Evergreen Activewear

Evergreen is another amazing brand in the maternity and postpartum retail space

Therin - Owner of Therin Pohley Holistic Beauty

Therin offers customers modern alchemy right here in Maine

LK Weiss - Founder, creative director and sole employee of Portland Design Co.

LK is a design studio here in Maine that showcases a love for simplicity. LK also did our logo!

Shae Patterson, founder of Ottie Kids

Shae is a mom who recently started a kids clothing brand designed to help make dressing kids just a little bit easier

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