Mama Stories: Journal #4

My favorite ways to handle the ups and downs of pregnancy hormones

Vitamin D, walking and nature. It has been so awesome taking Harriet on the same walks we went on while I carried her for 9 months! The woods is where I found the most calm and balancing of my hormones. The rhythmic sounds of nature have a way of taking care of us and the buoyancy of a forest floor is super supportive for mama’s hips and knees.

There is also no other way I could navigate the crazy swell of pregnancy and post-natal hormones than by communicating with other moms-to-be/moms. In a world that pins women against each other, I’ve truly found a secret sisterhood of sorts with other mamas out there via social media and the local community. It has truly been an embracing space and not a judgemental one (which was surprising to me!). Maybe the whole experience of peeing your pants while sneezing, leaving ass-sweat on chairs, walking around in adult diapers and losing 97% of your hair is all it takes for women to unite! No mom is left unscarred: literally! 

This story was written by Hannah, Mama to sweet baby Harriet. You can find her on Instagram @ahannnaha

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