Mama’s Mental Health During a Pandemic

Moms are suffering during this pandemic and it’s well documented. Just Google “Moms during pandemic” and several articles come up, like this one from Today. And it’s pretty easy to understand why, so what can we do to help? Hopefully at this point, Mamas have family or friends that are part of their “quaranteam”. I saw a quote the other day, it takes a village to raise a child but it also takes a village to raise a mom. Of course I can’t remember where I saw it, but I LOVED it, because yea, it does take a village to raise a mom. In a culture where we have focused for so long on a “good mom” being able to do it all, it can be hard to ask for help.

So if you’re suffering because of this pandemic or because you’ve got a new baby or just because you’re human, we put together some ideas that might help increase those feel good vibes for you.

  • Call a friend- everyone is struggling and friends want to help. I’ve been using FaceTime to connect with my friends far away and I always feel immensely better after sharing some of my current struggles.
  • Go for a walk- Getting natural light from the sun, fresh air and hearing the sounds of nature can instantly make you feel more connected to this big world and less alone.
  • Sit on the beach/ your deck/ anywhere you can- to soak up some sunlight.
  • Read a good book- we can recommend a few of our favorites:

Beth Berry- Motherwhelmed

Eckhart Tolle- A New Earth

  • Hang out with your pet- Our furry or scaly friends can help us remember that life is really simple when we can focus on the truly important things.
  • Drink a cup of tea- Tea can be so warming and feel good and nourishing.
  • Get as much sleep as you can - we’re moms, so we aren’t going to tell you to get 8 hours, we know real mom life, but as much as you can.
  • Eat nourishing food- This might take 10 minutes of thoughtful planning, but it really will make a difference in your mood and your overall feelings.

We know the mom journey is hard and full of mountains and valleys, but you’re capable of scaling the mountains. Just one baby step at a time Mama.

~ Michelle

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