Layering for Outdoor Adventures in Winter Weather (When Pregnant!)

Snowshoeing Pregnant

Do you find yourself wondering how to dress your bump for warmth and function? Whether you’re skiing, snowshoeing or just playing outside with your kiddos, we’ve got a few ways we like to dress for outdoor adventures in winter weather.

  1. Start with a good baselayer that will wick sweat to keep you warm and dry. A wicking baselayer will move moisture from your body so that sweat doesn’t stay on your skin and cool you down. Based on temperatures, it’s up to you if you need a base on top and bottom. (remember you can find anything you need in our shop :-) )
  2. A vest can be a great next layer piece if you don’t need a full sweater or fleece pullover. Otherwise, we like to use a warm sweater or fleece right over our baselayer on top. Something with stretch is always good, so you can move your body any old way you choose.
  3. A good wind blocking/ water repellent jacket will be the finishing touch you need to stay warm and take whatever weather winter can throw at you! 
  4. Don’t forget your fingers, feet and head! Accessories like warm socks, gloves, scarf and a hat, will make sure you are totally covered.

Trekking and adventuring with little kids? We like to use hand and foot warmers for longer times outdoors. And nothing beats a thermos full of hot apple cider for a little break to warm bodies up from the inside!

Remember too, the joy to layers is they can be shed when you get too hot and sweaty. So as soon as you start sweating, begin to remove some layers and then you can add them back on as needed.

Happy Adventuring Mamas,


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