Is it OK to exercise during pregnancy?

Is it OK to exercise during pregnancy?

Yes, it is ok to exercise during pregnancy! 

(Now, every pregnancy is different and every body is different, so you should always let your trusted medical professional know what types of exercise you are doing. Not for permission, but instead so your medical professional can inform you of any concerns they have and then you can make the decision that works best for you.)

At Arctic Lynx we are on a mission to support Mamas to stay active during pregnancy and beyond because we believe that it’s best for the individual, the baby and our community as a whole. When a Mama feels good about herself and feels able to do those things she enjoys, then we all win!

It’s no secret that mental health is a big piece of our overall individual health, but I think parenting particularly requires additional mental health support because it can be incredibly hard. (my oldest just turned 13!) Exercise and doing activities that you enjoy is one way to support your mental health.


In addition, exercise and physical activity has a whole bunch of other benefits:

Exercise has been shown to improve your mood and reduce feelings of depression, anxiety and stress.

Exercise helps with weight management.

Exercise can increase your energy levels.

AND, If you like to exercise outside (WE SURE DO), you get the added benefits of:


Fresh Air

Trees- well depending on where you live, but nature and things that live in nature provide good benefits for you.

So keep exercising as much as you can during pregnancy and if you have complications or concerns and can’t do what you want to be doing, find something else. Even just a slow walk outside in the sunlight will provide many benefits to you.

Take care of yourself, Mama,


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