Is a maternity baselayer for you?

Wondering if a maternity baselayer is a good choice for you? The answer is YES.

A baselayer is the first layer of clothing you wear against your skin. A well designed baselayer will pull sweat from your skin keeping you drier. During pregnancy as your blood volume increases and your metabolic rate rises it can be very normal to feel warm and to sweat more. The fabric in a baselayer is designed to be breathable, allowing for a better regulation of your body temperature. Combine that with the ability to pull sweat and a baselayer is a great choice during pregnancy.

In both warm and colder climates most moms layer during pregnancy to accomodate for these well known body temperature changes. A maternity baselayer fits excellent in any layering system. Our, Arctic Lynx, baselayers have a smooth finish which allows for ease in pulling additional layers on top. Known mostly for cold weather conditions, a maternity baselayer will fit snugly and provide a layer of warmth throughout your day.

Don’t just think of baselayers for cold weather though. Because of the breathability of the fabric, a maternity baselayer can be worn in warmer weather and provide the same benefits. Wick moisture, keep you drier and allow breathability for temperature regulation.

Maternity baselayers can be used for a variety of outdoor activities such as hiking, skiing, snowshoeing, and cycling.

~ Michelle

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