Fighting Exhaustion During Pregnancy

Feeling tired as you read this? You’re not alone. Exhaustion during the first and third trimesters of pregnancy is a common issue that women notice and talk about. And it makes sense right? The whole part of growing another human being and all! (yes, I am simplifying this, there are a lot of physical and hormonal changes happening in your body) 

Understanding the why may be easy, but what can you do to combat the exhaustion?

Below I’ve highlighted some ways to help fight the exhaustion so that you don’t fall asleep while you’re reading this!

  • Eat A Healthy Diet: I’m not an MD, but here’s what I know worked  in my own pregnancies. Eat a variety of local, seasonal, fruits and vegetables from your local farms if available. Nuts were always a favorite snack and dried fruit; cherries or raisins, to curb the sweet cravings.
  • Get Enough Sleep At Night: Sleep is a priority in our house even when I’m not pregnant, but getting enough sleep at night when you are pregnant is so important. Naps can also be a great tool. If you have 20 minutes midday to lie down and rest, it can really help reset your body.
  • Spend Time Outside: I think this should always be a separate category from exercise! Just getting outside for 5-10 minutes is helpful to refocus your mind and the natural light and fresh air gives you a boost in vitality (1).
  • Exercise Daily: Moving your body helps to create energy that will last you throughout the day. I always found doing things I loved, versus just exercising because I knew I should, gave me more energy and made me feel more content. Walking, hiking, snowshoeing and yoga were some of my favorite pregnancy exercises.

Also, keep in mind that at this time of year, as the days get shorter, it is normal to feel a bit more relaxed and tired. 

~ Michelle


  1. University of Minnesota. How does Nature Impact Our Wellbeing?


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