A Mama's Guide: Winter Activities

A Mama's Guide: Winter Activities

We’re pretty excited for winter, aren’t you?

Whether you live near snow or not, we think these cooler mornings and shorter days are an invitation to be really picky about how we spend our time. Sure, work’s got to happen, but otherwise how do you spend your winter days?

We are getting our kids signed up for ski leases so we can be outside AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE!

Whether its:





BEACH WALKS (secret, we spend more time at the beach in the winter than summer)

COLD WATER SWIMMING? (Maybe, we haven’t tried it yet, but it’s on our list)

As a family, we like to make a winter list of all the ways we want and hope to spend our time and then we start gearing up so we’re prepared.

  • Ski leases for the kids
  • Winter jackets that fit everyone
  • Baselayers that fit everyone
  • Skratch apple cider- hydration mix- this is a new fav of ours and the kids drink it too-which is a bonus

We also like to be spontaneous, so we may “plan” a couple days for sure, but then we like to watch the weather and take advantage of it when we can.

Leave a comment and let me know what your plans are for the winter.


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