5 Benefits of Staying Active While Pregnant

At Arctic Lynx, we believe strongly in the power of being active outside for a healthier mind and body. Our maternity activewear is designed to support your growing belly while you engage in all the activities you love. Here’s a quick list of some of the benefits you can enjoy from staying active while pregnant.  

  • Increase your energy- regular exercise has been shown to increase your overall energy levels. This is such a positive gain when pregnancy can often leave you feeling drained and more tired than usual.
  • Labor and delivery may be easier-  studies have shown that women who exercise may get an easier go of it during labor and delivery. Because labor and delivery are very physically intensive, those activities you do during pregnancy can help prepare your body for what’s in store.
  • Enhances psychological well being- we like this benefit so much that we just had to make it big. Being a parent can be hard at times, and anything that enhances your mental well being is worth it. In addition, if you are staying active outside you get the added benefit of time spent in natural light which is known to ward off seasonal depression. 

  • Lower risk of gestational diabetes- women who stay active during pregnancy have a lower risk of gestational diabetes- YAY!
  • Your baby may be born with a healthier heart- if you remain active, research has shown it could benefit you baby’s heart too. Now that’s a pretty cool thing to pass down to your child.

Remember that you’re more likely to remain active when doing something you love. So find something that your body enjoys and make it a part of your regular routine. Invest in yourself with quality maternity activewear to keep you dry, warm and comfortable too. 


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